What Must You Need to Know About Rekeying and Replacing Locks

rekeying & replacing a lock

New-age technology is taking control, as well as the safety company is not left out either. As a result of the advancement of numerous safety services (like rekeying and more) in the market today, door locks have progressed. Nevertheless, numerous property owners are still utilizing some conventional ones as a result of their ever-reliable uniformity and endurance, as discovered by the Locksmiths in BC. These locks can still offer security, safety, and security, and also personal privacy to the homeowner and also residents. They also maintain the option of being modified or replaced whenever required. An Emergency Locksmith can always help you out in a lockout or lost vital circumstance if you want to update your locks.

 Speaking of Changing Locks, many people tend to get confused when it comes to the distinction between replacing and Rekeying Locks. Conditions that require rekeying can be much more comparable to those for replacing them, but a few aspects can genuinely establish them apart.

What is Rekeying a Lock

Rekeying of locks concerns modifying the lock’s inner elements so a new key can only access them. This technique makes certain that the previous key becomes ineffective. So, people that have old secrets can no longer attack the residential property unless they have new tricks.

 The structures of the locks, whenever they are rekeyed, are not replaced entirely. Just the inner elements like the lock cylinder as well as vital pins as well as secrets are transformed throughout the said process. As some parts of the locks continue to be, it often tends to set you back less expensive than essential replacements. Nevertheless, a specialist locksmith must accomplish the rekeying procedure as doing it on your own can endanger the lock’s condition and also security.

 Rekeying Locks can raise your feeling of safety. It is also economical and also can be done swiftly by professionals. The only disadvantage of this approach is that you are stuck with whatever sort of lock you presently have. Despite rekeying it, a low-grade lock would still preserve its subpar safety functions.

What is Replacing a Lock  

Changing Locks, on the other hand, changes the entire lock and secrets. The majority of the time, lock substitutes utilize new keys and locks to be dramatically secured and free from feasible safety problems. The only individuals that can access these locks and offer keys to others are the landlords.

 Because a good Locksmith in BC just like EZ Locksmith will certainly change every aspect of the lockset, its cost will increase contrasted to rekeying locks. The most effective thing about changing locks is identifying and also selecting the type of lock you want to set up in your doors. You are not constrained to the lock type as your entire security gadget or system will be changed, nevertheless. When looking for the best lockset for your house or company, you might need to consider your practical budget plan, safety attributes that you want to utilize, and also extra distinct homes of locks.

 As pointed out, one large advantage of Lock Replacements is that it enables you the opportunity to buy your recommended lock kind. Substituting your locks also offers you the chance to update your security ultimately. However, one disadvantage of this procedure is the overall costly price of getting the entire lockset and letting specialists install the essential lock parts.


In Short, both rekeying as well as replacing the lock have their respective pros and cons accordingly. But if you are residing in BC, be it Surrey, Langley, White Rock, Delta, Pitt Meadows, Richmond, Coquitlam, or Maple Ridge and you want to rekey or replace your lock, find no other option than EZ Locksmith. As EZ Locksmith has a team of seasoned campaigners with a proven track record of many years. You can rely on EZ locksmiths for their efficiency and trustworthiness which they are famous for, throughout the BC.   



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