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We have been in the business since 2016 and have 24/7 operations throughout Langley. EZ Locksmith prides to have great reviews from our customers stretched across British Columbia needing locksmithing services when you are locked out of your home, office or auto keys to be repaired or made. Our experts will contact you right away and provide excellent services.

EZ Locksmith is a full service locksmith in Langley, BC and surroundings like Murrayville, Walnut Grove, Fort Langley and Aldergrove. We offer security services for commercial and residential as well as automotive needs! Our technicians work with all types of locks so we can take care of anything you need from new lock installation to simple key changes or providing replacement keys when needed (with no cost estimates). Contact us today at 604-771-6677.

What We Offer:

Our Specialities in Major Locks & Door Locks:

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Mailbox Locksmith Langley

We provide locksmith services for residential and commercial locks. Your mailbox locks may be in need of fixing. If you are having trouble opening it, or if your key won’t work, EZ Locksmith is the company that you should contact immediately.  These include locking mailbox, mailbox security,  gate locks, cabinet locks, garage door locks, and more!

We are the locksmith service provider near your area and we offer amazing locksmith services for every client. If you need locksmith mailbox near Langley, then EZ locksmith Langley is the one to contact. Call today! 604 771 6677

Lock Hardware Langley: Rekey Your Home

The locksmith mailbox is a locksmith that can provide you with locksmith services for residential and commercial locks. Your mailbox locks may be in need of fixing. If you are having trouble opening it, or if your key won’t work, EZ Locksmith is the company that you should contact immediately.  These include locking mailbox, mailbox security,  gate locks, cabinet locks, garage door locks, and more!

We are amazing locksmith service provider  in Langley and its surroundings like Murrayville, Walnut Grove, Fort Langley and Aldergrove, for every client. So, if you need locksmith mailbox near Langley, then EZ locksmith Langley is the one to contact. Call today! 604 771 6677

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Auto Locksmith Langley: Keys, Lockouts

In the event that your car is locked and you need to get in, call a locksmith. There are many options when it comes to finding an auto locksmith near me. You can either go online or on your phone to find one within minutes of where you are.

 We offer 24 hour emergency service to anyone in need of our services. Our staff is highly trained and experienced, so they know how to handle any situation that may come up. They will be able to quickly get your car unlocked at a reasonable price! Call today! 604 771 6677

Locked out of your home or vehicle

If you’re wondering how to change the locks on your house, we can help! We offer a full range of residential lock services for homes across all neighborhoods. Our pricing is competitive and our technicians are friendly, reliable, and experienced. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

Need a locksmith to come out tonight or during off hours? A home lockout, office lockout, car keys locked in the trunk–EZ Locksmith is here round-the-clock for all of your emergency lock and key needs. Call today! 604 771 6677

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Commercial Locksmith in Langley

We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, in order to provide you with the best locksmith services and products at very reasonable prices that will definitely fit into your budget. Our company offers all types of automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith services. You can rely on us for key cutting, lock replacement , and 24/7 emergency lockout services. Call us now for 24/7 EZ Locksmith service.EZ Locksmith offers 24/7 emergency services. Call today! 604 771 6677

Residential Locksmith in Langley

Residential Locksmith Services are offered at EZ Locksmith to all of Langley’s residents. When it comes to residential locksmiths, the right company is the one that stays up to date on the latest in-home security technology in order to give their customers the best service.

Homeowners rely on EZ Locksmith BC because our experienced technicians know exactly what they need. We know the residential building codes

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Auto Locksmith in Langley

There is nothing worse than missing your car key in your car, car locked with the key inside or just can’t able to find your vehicle for any reason, Ez Locksmith Langley is available and is specialized in helping you with automotive services. Whether you have a spare key or have lost all of your keys, our members auto locksmith can not only open your car without damaging it but also end up making a transponder key or a remote key fob to begin it. So now you don’t need to search ‘automobile locksmith near me in Langley, the auto key locksmith is available for now.

Car unlock Service in Langley

In most cases, broken keys, car key locks, or car key duplication can be extracted and replaced, and worn or damaged locks can be replaced immediately. All of our members have been trained on one of the most innovative locking systems or car key programming available, and they are ready to help you with most of your vehicle-related locks, car key replacements, lost car keys, new car key, car lockout service and key needs.Many more of our representatives are capable of simultaneously generating a working key and programming the transceiver to the vehicle. This saves a lot of time because your large vehicles vehicle seems to be mostly off the road for just a short period of time, ensuring that your highly valuable asset is turning and earning with the least amount of fuss.

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Change locksmith in Langley

File cabinets, like safes, are being used to shop for important papers. File cabinet jams are unfortunately quite common. EZ locksmith Langley can easily unlock a file cabinet lock instead of breaking it and putting it out of service. EZ Locksmith Langley could also provide lock maintenance or substitute services to keep the locks on your file cabinet in good working order.

Economical locksmith in langley

We provide the highest level of service at low locksmith rates. “How much would a locksmith expense in a lock situation?” our customers frequently inquire. When it comes to changing locks, Ez locksmith Langley has been available. An economical car locksmith in Langley and surroundings like Murrayville, Walnut Grove, Fort Langley and Aldergrove can also recommend which lock processes are best for which types of car doors.

Our locksmith team is available to help you anytime you need it, and at cheaper prices, than it has ever been. We provide the highest level of customer experience at low locksmith prices.

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Door lock service in langley

All types of door lock repair or door locks keyless can be easily replaced, fitted, changed, and cleaned by our professional and skilled locksmiths. Professional lock set – up, replacement and fitting services are provided by EZ Locksmith Langley without causing any harm to your door. In the first place, never overlook the issue of damaged or faulty locks or door locks without keys! Burglars and robbers may regard such locks as an open invitation. A professional door unlock service will keep you safe and secure without compromising the safety of your residence. We also Provide doors with code locks services.

Weiser key lock in langley

All of our locksmiths are guaranteed to be polite and respectful, friendly, and highly professional. You are welcome to ask them any questions you have about your Weiser lock repair, key replacement, key cutting, or keypad reprogramming, and they will respond. All of our EZ locksmiths Langley have passed background checks, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

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Unlock car door service in langley

If your keys are inside your vehicle’s cabin, you can easily unlock the car door by breaking one of the windows. We also have the tools you need if you’re having any car lockout problems or unlock door service. Irrespective of the problem, we can assist you.

We have most advanced tools here on market that we can use to quickly pick your lock without causing any damage to its parts. No matter what type of security system your vehicle has, our skilled car locksmith technicians have the tools to get into it.

Locksmith Services

The EZ Locksmith Inc is an all-inclusive locksmith and security service provider.


Safe technicians can diagnose mechanical failures, make the necessary repairs, and if all else fails, drill the safe to open it.


Regular locks cannot provide the additional protection that a high-security lock can.

Auto Locksmith Service

We are a dependable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable local service provider that serves businesses and homes in your area.

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We are proud to offer fast, friendly, affordable, and the best locksmith services in Langley BC. Please call us, or send us a message and we will be happy to provide our professional advice or a quote for service. If you are looking for a Locksmith just take your mobile out and type “Locksmith near me Langley”


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