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Abloy Locks

Before we get into details, it’s important to note that EZ Locksmith is a Proud Distributor of Abloy Lock ( ABLOY® Protec). 

What is an Abloy Lock

If you are looking for the  state-of-the -art, high-quality locks, you are on the right place! ABLOY® Protec has proved to be the best when it comes to resisting drilling and picking. If you want extremely strong security, your search is done. As throughout the world, these locks are famous for their dedication to producing high-quality locks that are both drill and pick-resistant. This makes Abloy in a unique class of high security locking devices. So, you need to choose from Abloy Protec 2, security locks to provide your home as well as office with the maximum protection possible, accordingly.


The Hallmarks of The Abloy Protec2.



The Abloy lock Protec2 disk detainer design offers improved functionality by allowing the lock to be used in extremely tough conditions. And it increases reliability by reducing the chance of key wear. The additional anti-wear design of the key in this lock, also helps to eliminate problems due to excessive key insertion/extraction. Moreover, one cannot make the key copies without the written approval of the company.
The Abloy Protec2 (Abloy Lock) was developed as the next generation of the original high-security and features a new patent-protected rotating disk-based mechanism. This lock is famous for its top-end disk detainer cylinder, and so its products for the best in the market today.

As with other Abloy lock products, the Protec2 uses a rotating disk-based system which makes key control almost effortless. This unique feature also makes it easy for users to take advantage of the optional master keying options for each Abloy lock. In addition to new technology to prevent unauthorized key duplication, this product is resistant to picking and other forms of manipulation. With no springs or plastic parts exposed to outside weather conditions, this lock is ideal for outdoor use. The Protec2 is also weatherproof and vibration-proof due to its first-of-its-kind mechanism that self-cleans during the keying process. Together with all these factors these locks become the one of the most demanding choice by the people. So most likely, you may also get interested in these locks for your residential as well as commercial locksmith use, accordingly. 

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Upgrade Your Safety: Abloy Lock by EZ Locksmith!

Step into a new era of security with EZ Locksmith, proudly presenting Abloy Lock (ABLOY® Protec) for your security needs. So, let’s get into the innovative world of the Protec2 disk detainer design, which offers unparalleled functionality and durability even in the toughest conditions. With unmatched key control through a rotating disk-based system, it opens the door to effortless master keying options. The Protec2 is not just a lock; it’s rather a fortress against unauthorized duplication, picking, and manipulation. Your security upgrade is just a call away. Contact us at 604-771-6677 for in-depth information and installation of the trustworthy Abloy Lock. Elevate your security with EZ Locksmith, your trusted partner in safeguarding what matters most.
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