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In today’s age of technological advancements, even the security industry is not left behind. Door locks have evolved to offer enhanced safety features and options. However, many homeowners still rely on traditional locks due to their consistent reliability and durability, as observed by locksmiths in BC. These locks continue to provide security, safety, and privacy to homeowners and residents, while also allowing for modification or replacement when necessary. If you’re looking to upgrade your locks, an Emergency Locksmith can assist you in lockout or lost key situations. In this blog, we’ll explore the difference between rekeying and replacing locks, their significance, and the factors that set them apart.

Replacing a Lock:

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Replacing a lock involves removing the existing lock and replacing it entirely with a new one. This process includes changing not only the lock itself but also the corresponding keys. Unlike rekeying, which preserves the existing lock structure, lock replacement offers the opportunity to upgrade to a completely new lock type.

Benefits of Replacing a Lock:

One significant benefit of lock replacement is the ability to customize your security system. You have the freedom to choose the lock type that best suits your needs.

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Factors to consider when selecting a new lock include your budget, desired security features, and any unique properties associated with different lock types.

Another benefits of lock replacement is improved security and the opportunity for overall system upgrades. By installing a new lock, you can take advantage of advanced security features, such as anti-pick mechanisms, stronger materials, or keyless entry systems. This allows you to enhance the overall security of your property and potentially integrate the lock with other security devices or systems.

Rekeying a Lock:

Rekeying a lock is a process that involves modifying the lock’s internal components to render old keys ineffective.

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Instead of replacing the entire lock, only specific parts are changed to ensure that the lock can be operated by a new key. The components that are typically modified during rekeying include the lock cylinder, key pins, and keys.

Advantages of Rekeying: 

One of the primary advantages of rekeying is its cost-effectiveness. Since only a few components are replaced, the overall expense is significantly lower compared to replacing locks entirely. Additionally, rekeying is a relatively quick process when handled by professional locksmiths who possess the necessary expertise and tools.

Rekeying a lock can provide an increased sense of security. By rendering old keys useless, it prevents unauthorized access to your property. However, it’s important to note that rekeying does not improve the overall quality of a low-grade lock. If you have a lock with subpar security features, rekeying it will not enhance its capabilities.


In conclusion, both rekeying and replacing locks have their respective advantages and considerations. Rekeying is a cost-effective solution that modifies the internal components of the lock, rendering old keys ineffective. It provides a sense of security but does not improve the overall quality of a low-grade lock. On the other hand, lock replacement involves changing the entire lock and keys, allowing for customization and the opportunity to upgrade security measures. While it is a more expensive option, it offers greater flexibility in selecting the ideal lockset for your needs.

EZ Locksmith in BC

For residents of BC, including Surrey, Langley, White Rock, Delta, Pitt Meadows, or Maple Ridge, EZ Locksmith is a trusted locksmith service provider. With their team of experienced professionals, known for their efficiency and trustworthiness throughout BC, you can rely on EZ Locksmith for all your lock rekeying and replacement needs.

In short, whether you choose to rekey or replace locks, it’s crucial to assess your specific requirements, budget, and desired level of security. A reputable locksmith can guide you through the process and ensure that your locks provide the necessary


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