Evaluate How Rekeying and Changing your Locks are different?

Rekeying and Changing your Locks

Many homeowners are shocked to learn that they have more options than just replacing a door handle and lock in the modern world when becoming green is beneficial to the environment. Many people now decide rekeying their lock, whether they recently purchased a new property or are a landlord whose tenant just moved out. As a result, there is no longer any need to entirely replace the lock. While some people attempt to rekey a lock on their own, many enlist a landlord’s assistance because it is a quick and simple operation.
The advantages of rekeying versus replacing a lock depending on the consumer’s needs, financial situation, and availability of a locksmith. Likewise, individual talents.

What are the advantages of rekeying?

Rekeying is cost-effective, can cut down on waste, and can save time. When a lock is rekeyed, its exterior remains the same while its internal components and mechanism are altered.

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Many people who want to prevent others from entering their homes or rental property want the original key to stopping functioning. If you choose to rekey the lock, the cylinder, and key pins are the important parts to concentrate on changing. Rekeying will be far less expensive than purchasing a completely new lock and door handle if you’re trying to save money.
A lock’s ability to ensure home security and keep people outside who aren’t welcome is its most crucial function. You can either find a locksmith or rekey the lock on your own. A skilled locksmith just like EZ Locksmith understands how to quickly rekey. As they have specific experience, the tools they will need to use will be few. If you have a new key, be careful to throw away the old one and store the new one safely.

What is the disadvantage of rekeying?

Your door lock’s general design won’t be updated if you rekey a lock. Rekeying a lock merely affects the key that opens the door; it has no impact on security measures.

What are the advantages of changing a lock?

A new lock can increase style, design, technology, or security features if you can afford one, know you want to deal with a professional locksmith, or don’t mind performing the task yourself.

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You might also wish to have a locksmith change your lock if it is electric or keyless. The first step in strengthening the security of your property can be replacing a lock.
You have the option to utilize longer screws and additional security pins when selecting a new secure lock. An appealing personalized handle and lock set may be essential to your vision if you are interested in selling your home, renting your property or vacation home, or operating a storefront company.

What are the disadvantages of changing a lock?

Because you’ll need to replace the entire door handle and fixtures, replacing a lock might increase the cost of what might otherwise have been a straightforward rekeying process.

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But the finished product will be a stylish door with an improved latch. If your main goal is to stop someone from having a key to your home, replacing a lock might not be essential. Locksmiths frequently handle this kind of work. If you’re an expert do-it-yourselfer and want to replace your lock, schedule it for the weekend so you have time to spare.
While a locksmith will have more experience modifying key locks or changing locks, householders can become experts if they pay attention to detail, are focused, and have good technique.
Whatever method you decide on, paying close attention to each step is necessary if you rekey or alarm the lock by yourself.


As discussed earlier, both the rekeying as well as the changing of the locks have their pros and cons. And it’s all up to you to decide which option you need to try whenever you are confronted with such a situation, accordingly. However, if you are residing in British Columbia, things could have more easily for you if you contact EZ Locksmith. As they can give you the best advice based on their years of experience in the industry.

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