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It is said that enjoy without injury and live without loss. Whether you live in a villa or an apartment, be it a hostel or dormitory, you might not have experienced any unfortunate event. But someone might be looking forward to breaking into your house (house locks) whenever you are asleep or away. You ensure your site is secured when you go to bed, on vacation, or elsewhere. But is that enough? What if they have a copy of your key? YOU MIGHT BE UNAWARE OF IT, BUT A LOCKSMITH KNOWS IT ALL!

Rekeying your door locks:

You have recently moved to a new house in Langley; you will ensure the lock security system is satisfactory. You might think of rekeying your locks. But that is not the only time you need to rekey your locks! You might have lost the keys to your home at your workplace. You end up quarreling with your roommates or flatmates with whom you used to share your keys. All these events may have you think of rekeying your locks to secure your belongings from any possible damage.

Adding peepholes to your front door:

When you are a new inhabitant in Surrey, Langley, Delta, Maple Ridge, or Pitt Meadows, and you have your kids staying at home while you are out for some shopping. You would probably not want them to open the door to unfamiliar neighbors or strangers. It would be appropriate if they sneak a look before opening the door. The undesired events can be turned aside simply by having peepholes in your front doors! EZ Locksmith can install one for your security.

Installing Biometric deadbolts: 

Need some extra security for your front doors and bedrooms? Consider installing deadbolts on your gates. Suppose you have had a recent burglary incident in your neighborhood, or the crime rate has escalated suddenly. In that case, it is time for you to have EZ Locksmith install deadbolts on your doors. Deadbolts make your pre-existing security system smarter. Deadbolts come with keys and handles. If you are already bored with taking care of your keys, you can have biometrics deadbolts too! You will only need a password or a fingerprint to open the biometric locks. This eliminates the worry of losing keys or rekeying your deadbolts. Having keyless deadbolts is always a better option to stay shielded from crimes.

Installing safes in your houses:

You keep all the burglars and thieves from entering your house. But does that secure everything that is kept inside your home? Many people might come to your place for a party or other functions. It is unlikely that you would be able to keep all your valuable jewelry or other documents safe. Installing a safe into your house might sound a bit old-fashioned. But it is said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Don’t make your closet your weakest link! Instead, make it the strongest by installing digital safes in your houses. EZ Locksmith ensures that your legal documents and other lavish belongings are secured in a digital or biometric safe.
When you’re locked out of your house!
When you lock yourself out of your house or dormitory, it is always a crisis. You shut the door and forget your keys inside. You need no one else but a locksmith who can make you a copy of that key. But what if you have another programmed lock system and somehow forget the password or the code? Having copies of the keys is not going to solve the problem. Because of these unforeseen circumstances, you need someone proficient with the programmed security system. EZ Locksmith provides you with convenience at your doorstep in all inevitable emergency situations.
House locks ….your desired services:
Suppose you wish to secure your home and protect your valuables without getting into a panic. In that case, you need someone trustworthy, steady, and skilled! EZ Locksmith provides all these services across various cities of British Columbia. Whether you need to rekey your locks or install a very efficient security system for your house and workplace. EZ Locksmith is 24/7 reachable and can bring forth the best services at your doorstep. Get the assurance of our customer-friendly and proficient services that we have been providing for many years. Feel free to contact us anytime and get the best advantage of our 24/7 available services.

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