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Is the key fob locked inside your car? This may seem worrying, as the car should not be locked with the keyless entry remote control inside. Doesn’t the remote control automatically unlock my doors? How does this happen? Let’s look at the circumstances that lead to the car locking with the keyless entry remote control and how to get it to unlock again.

The reasons why a car locks with the remote control inside are as follows:

  • Sensor range
  • Problems with the key
  • Damaged lock
  • Exceptions
  • The basic solutions for a locked key fob in the car are as follows
  • Rewind the key
  • Tampering with the lock
  • Calling a locksmith
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Can I lock the key fob in my car?

Yes, it is possible to lock a car with the key fob in it. You can do this voluntarily if you need the key fob to remain in the car to protect it from loss or damage. It is also possible for the key fob to be accidentally locked in the car. Accidental locking can be solved in several ways. To get best locksmith services search online EZ locksmith services.

How can I unlock my car if my key fob is locked inside?

If your key fob has been locked in the car, there are three main solutions. You can either move the working key to a sensor location, manipulate the interior door switches/buttons or call a locksmith. Doing the job, yourself requires tools and time, so if you don’t have both, contact EZ locksmith in Canada in order to avail best locksmith services.

What tools can I use to unlock the car with the key fob inside?

When the key fob is locked in the car, the most versatile tool is a thin, flexible piece of metal. Normally, an uncoiled metal hanger is a preferred tool for do-it-yourself. If you opt for a locksmith service, professional tools are available and there is no risk of damaging the vehicle.

Can a locksmith open a car with a locked key fob inside?

Some car locksmiths who are expert in providing locksmith services, have specific experience in opening locked cars. These locksmiths are familiar with the security features and bypass a wide range of makes and models. They are also experienced enough to ensure that the car will not be damaged during the unlocking process.

Why is the ignition key locked in the car?

Most of the time, a car with a keyless remote control has security features that prevent the remote from being locked in the car. But there are reasons why these precautions may not work, and before you know it, your keyless fob is locked in the car, and you don’t know how it happened.

Sensor range

You may find yourself with a key fob stuck in a car if the key fob is too far away from the keyless proximity sensors. You may have encountered similar cases where pressing the ignition button results in the message “No key detected”. If no key is detected, the car may lock.

Vehicles equipped with keyless access have all sorts of features to prevent the key fob from getting stuck in the car. For example, in most modern cars you can’t leave your keys in the boot because sensors detect the key. But most cars have dead sensor zones.

If your car’s key fob is out of range of all the sensors, none of the protections that prevent the car from locking will protect you. The range of the sensors varies from car to car, but you may be able to hang the locked key fob in your car and bring it close to the door to unlock it.

Key problems

When a key is damaged, the vehicle may have difficulty detecting it. Intermittent battery problems can be caused by sudden or extreme temperature fluctuations. In these cases, the problem is very similar to the key being out of range of the sensor, but the solutions will be more limited.

Even if you solve the problem of the key fob getting stuck in the car, you should consider the possible need to replace the key fob. Not having a working key fob should not prevent you from unlocking the car, but you will probably need a spare key to get back on the road.

It is possible to replace the battery in the remote control, but sometimes replacing the battery does not fix the car key. If you contact a locksmith for best locksmith services to help you get back in after locking the key in the car, they can also make you a new key on the spot.

Damaged lock

Several things can go wrong with locks, resulting in the car key locking. These failures include the car door jamming in the locked position, the car lock freezing, or simply a sticky car door lock. The severity of the problem will affect the solution.

The main thing to bear in mind when a lock problem has caused the key to lock in a car is that it may be possible to open another door. The proximity keyless entry function may work, but the lock may not respond correctly to the signal.

It may be possible to use a door lock lubricant to solve these problems and even to rekey the lock back into the vehicle. At some point, you may need to ignore the broken door lock, fix the lock problem, and figure out how to repair your car door lock later.

Accidental Passage

A locked key fob in a car can be a feature, not a problem. If you’re going to be in an environment where the fob is likely to be damaged by water, dirt, sand, etc., it’s important to be aware of this. But the function that enables this can lead to a lockout.

The specific way to override the keyless proximity release of the remote control varies from vehicle to vehicle. There is usually a physical key that needs to be turned in the car’s door lock cylinder. But if you lose this key, break it or something goes wrong, you will be locked out.

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