How to Use a Car Door Lockout Tool?

Having your automobile locked out can be a frustrating situation. However, there are a number of car door lockout equipment options available that can assist you in swiftly and damage-freely regaining access to your vehicle. Furthermore, we will be discussing about different tools and how to use them to unlock a car. The guide is suitable for anyone interested in using a car door lockout tool to ease their emergencies.

Slim Jim

A slim jim is a long, flat piece of metal with bends and notches that is used to operate the car door’s locking mechanism.

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Using a slim jim
Aiming for the locking mechanism, place the slim jim between the weatherstripping and the window glass.

a. Feel around for the linkage or rod that operates the door lock.

b. Use the slim Jim’s gentle up-and-down motion to work the rod and unlock the door.

Note: Slim Jims may not function on more recent vehicles with sophisticated computerized systems, but they are functional on older cars with straightforward lock mechanisms.

Wedge and Rod

Using a wedge to make a space between the automobile door and the frame, a rod is then used to manipulate the lock. Here is how to apply this technique:


a. Place a wedge between the door and the frame, such as a doorstop or an inflatable wedge. Take care not to break the glass or the door.
b. Reach into the opening made by the wedge using a rod or other long, thin tool.
c. Find the lock mechanism and attempt to unlock the door by pushing or pulling the lock rod.

Be aware that this technique demands time and a steady hand. Additionally, manual locks are better suited to it than computerized ones.

Lockout Tool Kits

These all-inclusive sets of specialized tools for various lockout scenarios are known as “lockout tool kits.” Professional locksmiths frequently utilize these kits, although car owners can also buy them. Using a lockout tool kit may involve different procedures depending on the tool and circumstance, but they often involve:

a. Choosing the right tool from the kit based on the lock type and position;

b. Inserting the tool in accordance with the directions into the keyhole or next to the door frame

c. Using the tool to unlock the door and activate the lock mechanism

Note: To utilize lockout tool kits properly, a certain level of expertise and understanding is required. It is best to thoroughly study the directions or, if unsure, seek professional assistance.

The use of a car door lockout tool can be a workable alternative in the event of a car lockout. To avoid causing damage to your car, use extreme caution when using any lockout tool kit, wedge and rod, or slim Jim approach. It’s always advised to call a professional locksmith (EZ Locksmith) for help regaining access to your automobile safely and effectively if you have any doubts about using this equipment.

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