How to Open a Locked Door: A Complete Guideline You Need to Know

how to open a locked door

Most of us had experienced times when we locked ourselves out of our houses. Regardless of the number of times we undergo this, we never learn (how to open a locked door). I consider myself to be a reasonable person, however still a lot of times when I remained in a rush, I forgot to pick up the keys of my residence and also toss them in my bag. The thing is, when we are active and also running late to work in the morning, our emphasis is not on our keys as we believe that they are currently lying safely in our bag. We forget sometimes that the previous evening we didn’t place our type in our bags. As a result, losing the keys to your home or failing to remember to put them guaranteed before leaving is unavoidable. If you will certainly require a locksmith, feel free to contact us at EZ Locksmith. 

You may need to know how to open a locked door unwantedly

Even if you are a responsible individual as well as you have never encountered this situation, still there may come times when you would need to open a locked door without keys.

You may need to know how to open a locked door unwantedly
You may need to know how to open a locked door unwantedly

These three straightforward methods to open up a secured door without a key would be found convenient for you. You could not have to use these strategies on your own but help a person, such as your next-door neighbor. For opening lockers, we have the perfect guide from our experts here as well.

Many people believe that it is tough to open a secured door without a key. Have you never asked additional due, allows getting involved in one of the most easily accessible ways exactly how you can open up a locked door without a key.

Strategy no. 1: Get rid of the doorknob with a screwdriver

If you do not have the key to a door, then you can open it by just eliminating the doorknob.

Get rid of the doorknob with a screwdriver
Get rid of the doorknob with a screwdriver

All that is required for this approach is a screwdriver, as well as you are excellent to go. Yes, this strategy won’t work for doors that have a high-security degree, and also there is a terrific possibility that it won’t open up the front door of your residence. It is a long process and needs effort.

– Step 1: There are some doors on which you can conveniently locate the placing screws and also eliminate them to disassemble the lock by utilizing a head screwdriver.

– Step 2: However, there are various other locks for which you will initially have to eliminate the shank, increase, or other items of the door to discover the placing screws and unlock the door. For this procedure, you will need a flathead screwdriver.

Strategy no. 2: Choose a lock with a hairpin

Making use of bobby pins as a substitute for keys is the most typical means to open a door. All it needs is a hairpin. Obtaining a hairpin is not difficult.

Choose a lock with a hairpin
Choose a lock with a hairpin

I make sure there are numerous bobby pins currently lying around in your home, if not, after that you can constantly obtain these hairpins from any type of neighborhood store at a weak price. Bobby pins can be conveniently adjusted into any type of form relying on what you desire them to resemble. Opening a secured door with a hairpin is easy, which is why a lot of individuals trust this method. You have to have likewise seen individuals using this method to open a secured door in flicks. It is time for you to act it out in your real life currently.

 – Step 1: You will certainly need two bobby pins to unlock the door without a locksmith professional. Both of these hairpins have to be curved in a specific method.

 – Step 2: The initial bobby pin will be put in the door secure location of the trick to turn the cylinder.

 – Step 3: Bend the fulcrum ends of the bobby pins by a few centimeters and utilize among its ends to enter the bottom of the keyhole, whereas the other end would be resting near the bottom.

– Step 4: After doing this, make sure to take the second hairpin as well as bend it completely from the key so that the pin turns into a long straight line.

 – Action 5: When this is done, flex the second hairpin a little to its straight end to make sure that it could be entered into the top of the keyhole.

When a door is secured, its cylindrical tube is stopped from turning the bolt and unlocking by several spring-loaded pins. When we make use of bobby pins as well as press them inside the keyhole by jiggling them up a bit, the lock’s cylinder turns which makes it turn the bolt and unlock. Yes, you will have to function a bit to obtain the cylinder turn, but once it is done, it will deserve all the inconvenience.

This reveals that screwdrivers are an essential tool that has to be available in every home. They certainly do come convenient when you need to open a locked door without a locksmith. It must be kept in mind that this strategy won’t work on every sort of door. A screwdriver will not help you in cases where the door has a button lock from within too.


 It is constantly a great idea to use precautionary steps to prevent entering such a scenario.

– Make sure to always maintain a spare crucial someplace in your bag or your vehicle in order not to remain in need of car locksmith professional solutions in BC. You can likewise ask a relied-on friend or family member to hold a spare key to your residence.

– Try to awaken early in the early morning so you won’t need to rush towards the job and have enough time to put all the necessary points in your bag and also reconsider to see that you have every little thing.

– You can also put a table alongside your front door and place your keys on it so whenever you are making your method outsides you quickly grab the keys from the table.


As most of us understand that getting yourself locked out is something that is bound to occur to at the very least as soon as in your life, consequently it is constantly good to recognize exactly how to conserve yourself in such a circumstance. The ways pointed out above to a secured door without a key would come convenient; nevertheless, there are a few other ways to open up a secured door such as choosing the lock making use of a paperclip, removing its hinges using a screwdriver, annihilating the lock using a hammer, etc. In case your door obtains obstructed you can open it by lubricating the lock, turning the key in both directions in the keyhole, pressing or drawing the door when you attempt to unlock it with a key, etc. These all are highly professional techniques that require huge expertise and experience. However, if you confront a situation in which you need to get it fixed, just call a professional locksmith like EZ Locksmith. As EZ Locksmith has years of proven experience with their finest locksmith services throughout the areas like Surrey, Coquitlam, Langley, White Rock, and more.

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