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Key Cutting Services

Key Cutting Services can provide a quick & efficient Key Cutting service, where you can choose to get your house keys cut whilst you wait in our shop, or have your car key cut or house keys cut by post. We can provide a ‘while you wait’ service if you are in a Hurry! and don’t have all day to wait for your keys to be duplicated. We can do this because we use state of the art machinery and technology so that we are able to offer a fast key cutting service at very competitive rates.

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EZ Locksmith is a full service locksmith in White Rock. We offer security services for commercial and residential as well as automotive needs! Our technicians work with all types of locks so we can take care of anything you need from new lock installation to simple key changes or providing replacement keys when needed (with no cost estimates). Contact us today at 604-771-6677.

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Whether you need a residential locksmith or commercial locksmith, security consultation and plan, or high-security key and lock systems near you, EZ locksmith White Rock, has the right solution and experience to meet your needs. They have expert and professional staff who can fix it out for you 24/7. Because whenever you caught up in an unavoidable situation like this, a question that comes in your mind most often would be like “key cutting service near me”. And there is no better answer to it than EZ locksmith White Rock.

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Time taken for Key cutting

Sometimes, you just don’t have the key to get in. Whether it’s a casual get-together for your other half or a family reunion, you want to avoid any mishaps. EZ-Locksmith will be there in no time and can help with any lock & key emergency, from possibly needing to open the door or supplying and fitting a completely new one that’ll keep you out of potential trouble.

Secure way of key replacement

Security and reliability are one of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration. In situations when you have to contact to the locksmith for the services like rekey, key cutting and more, you cannot ignore the factor of security from your mind at all. EZ locksmith, has trusted locksmith campaigner who have the expertise, prove track record and tremendous reliability. So, one can avail their services without any doubt int the mind.

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Advantages of Key Cutting

When you have a key cut by the EZ locksmith in White Rock, your key will be cut and ready in far less time than the average traditional locksmith. For the budget conscious this is of course very appealing, but is it worth compromising on quality? The recent invention of the Our Key Machine has enhanced not only speed and accuracy but also reliability. So, whether you want to save that trip to the Locksmith store, or just want to get back into your house quicker, calling EZ locksmith for a key cut can give you a faster service and more secure results.

We have the best and top Auto Locksmith in White Rock. We are committed to providing the best services to our customers according to their needs and requirements.

In this field, we work for a long time and complete thousands of orders of Lock and keys. We also provide our best services according to our client’s needs and choices. We provide the best Locksmith services in White Rock and Surroundings. We also deal with Commercial and Residential locksmiths in White Rock.

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The EZ Locksmith Inc is an all-inclusive locksmith and security service provider.


Safe technicians can diagnose mechanical failures, make the necessary repairs, and if all else fails, drill the safe to open it.


Regular locks cannot provide the additional protection that a high-security lock can.

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We are a dependable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable local service provider that serves businesses and homes in your area.

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