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Best Safes Available in Surrey

EZ Locksmith prides to have great reviews from our customers stretched across British Columbia. We have the best and expert Locksmith expert that fixes all your Locks countertop problems in a very short time and also provides quality services. Our mission is to “provide the best and quality services for the installation of your Locks counter and also provide the best Locksmith service that increases the durability ”.

In the interest of protecting your valuable items and personal belongings, EZ Locksmith offers home-safe installation for Manhattan residence. Our vast selection of safes includes some of the top brands in the industry. Our trained technicians can determine the appropriate safe model for your residence. Our staff can install wall safes, jewelry safes, high-security safes and gun safes. Some safes can be simply placed in a specific area of your home, while others can be mounted and installed within a wall. Wall safes can either be recess mounted or flush mounted in a wall, providing you the option of being able to conceal your safe, so that it is hidden from view for extra protection.

For wall safe installation, our staff will make the appropriate cutting in your wall and make sure the safe snugly fits into its designated placement. After installation we make sure that the safe is properly secured. In addition, we can also install floor safes, bolting the safes securely to the floor to make sure that they cannot be moved or stolen. Based on request, our installation can also include fire proofing, dust and water proofing and impact resistance. For more information on the safe installation process contact us today.

Our Products

Fire safes service in Surrey

Depository Safe

Depository Safe is designed for protection against robbery as well as internal theft, allowing quick deposits and secure storage for cash and miscellaneous valuables without actual access inside the safe. 

Gun safe available in Surrey

Gun safe

EZ locksmith are engineered to protect your valuable things from fire & flood while offering user friendly features robust 75 minutes 1400° F fire rating.

Best Depository safes in Surrey

Classical Fire Safe

Home Fire Safes have been tested and approved in compliance with the stringent test methods by international certificate organizations.

wall safe available online in Surrey

Wall Safes

Our adjustable wall safes are designed to provide hidden protection for documents and miscellaneous valuables. Our wall safes are designed for easy installation.


Home/Personal safe

Hotel safe is specially designed for personal in hotel room use. User-friendly and compact safe is perfect for hotels, resorts, hospitals and home use. Bumil’s hotel safe holds everything and fits in a drawer for guest’s storage convenience.


Drawer Safe

Providing a safer and more secure work environment for employees, Pharmacy Safes have secure storage and enable controlled administration of narcotic medications within a pharmacy or medical facility.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve created a list of some of the common locksmith and home security questions we get asked. These cover everything from helping you get back into your property, broken lock questions and how to make your property safer with new snap-proof lock mechanisms.

Because key pins in locks are so inexpensive, rekeying is almost always less expensive than having your locks changed. When you rekey your locks, you are only charged for labor, whereas when you have your locks changed, you are charged for both labor and parts.

It is information that can be useful when purchasing a new property. One of the first thing you does when moving into a new home is changing the locks. You never know who has access to your new entrance door. If you’ve been living in the same property for a while and then if you’ve just had a roommate move out, changing or rekeying your home’s locks may be a good idea.

When someone move into the new house, you should update the locks. You have no clue how many duplicate house keys there are circulating around from past owners, so changing the locks will make your new home more safe. When purchasing a new property, Tom advises changing the locks.

If you lock your keys in your car, the cost of unlocking your car will vary depending on your vehicle locks and the distance your locksmith had to travel to reach you. If your automobile is new, you may not need to pay for services since your auto insurance will most likely include breakdown cover, which is free! However, emergency locksmith services are also twice as expensive, typically available after regular business hours.

This will vary depending on the lock type and the condition of the lock. A Yale lock for example would normally take 20 – 30 minutes to repair or replace. A mortice lock might take a bit longer nearer 40 to 50 minutes. It really depends on the type of lock, the fault and the condition of the door / lock. 

Yes, we can help with all your lock emergencies 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

We’re based and offer locksmith services in British Columbia and we also cover the local surrounding Langley, Surrey, White Rock, Delta and Pitt Meadows


Whether it is Classic or Modern Fire Safes, Depoistory, Pharmacy/Drawer Safes, Gun Safes, or Wall Safes we have them all.


Safe technicians can diagnose mechanical failures, make the necessary repairs, and if all else fails, drill the safe to open it.


Regular locks cannot provide the additional protection that a high-security lock can.


Providing Customers Secure Storage and Theft Prevention for Residential Areas, Hotels, and Offices for any Business

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